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Grand Theft Auto III - 20th Anniversary

  Today marks GTA III's 20th anniversary, and I wanted to create something special for one of my favorite games. In 2001, Rockstar Games released one of the most revolutionary titles of all time. Grand Theft Auto III was the first 3D game in the series, and was also one of, if not the first, 3D open-world games. It not only redefined the series, but it also changed gaming as we know it, forever. It introduced concepts that were relatively unheard of, at the time, such as a large, immersive world, the ability to do whatever you want, cinematic cutscenes with impressive voice acting, amazing attention to detail, and radio stations that contained lots of catchy music. Rockstar set a new standard for other game companies to follow. I have fond memories of this game. I started playing it way back in 2011. As a kid (I was 13, at the time), I had tons of fun committing crimes, escaping from the police, and finishing different kinds of missions. In 2012, I created the Diego Vega skin for G

Happy 20th anniversary, Wikipedia!

Oh, wow, I can't believe it's been 20 years since Wikipedia was founded! Today marks the site's 20th anniversary. I wanted to do something special for this occasion, so I spent a day working on this picture. It has many iconic people, companies, countries, characters, and more, and represents the site, as a whole. 

It looks incredible, doesn't it?

The tools used

I used GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) to create the image. I spent hours gathering images I found on Google Images, resizing them, and making other changes (credit goes to the authors of the images used). 

The fonts chosen

Myanmar Text (the bold variant) is the font I used for both the "2" and "th" in the picture, and "2001-2021" is also typed in this font. The word "anniversary" is typed in Times New Roman.

My history

I've been editing articles on Wikipedia since the early 2010s (I've also contributed to Wikia-based sites, such as the Chicken Invaders wiki, and the Henry Danger wiki). Time really flies!

Social media

My image is on Twitter:


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