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The Dimensionator is now available for Source Filmmaker!

This is my first time porting custom models to games. Now available on the Steam Workshop:

The Atari VCS Skins addon is now available for Garry's Mod!

Game, stream, connect, like never before. Now available in 4 editions.

Includes four new textures for the Atari VCS model:

-Carbon Gold
-Ocean Blue

Now available on the Steam Workshop:

How to Use

To use this, you need both the SubMaterial tool and the Extended Spawn Menu. You can find the textures in the Materials/Browse Materials tab in the spawn menu.

Expand the “skins” folder. Find the texture you want to use and right-click it. Copy it to the clipboard, then go to the Tools menu. Select the SubMaterial tool. Paste the texture path into the search bar (make sure it appears exactly as it should or it won’t work) and press Enter. Then use the tool to apply it to the console.

There are "on" and "off" versions of each texture. The "Skin 0" and "Skin 2" slots are for the textures in which the Atari logo illuminates, and the "Skin 1" and "Skin 3" slots are for the "off" versions of the textures.


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